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My Wish List

I don't want flowers or candy! All I want is to be able to get my boobs redone BEFORE they start leaking and to fix My 66 Ford Mustang! If you contribute to my wish list I will reward you with videos, photos or even a Skype show or two!  All you have to do is make your donation to have my boobs fixed or buy a part for my car. It's that easy and makes me love you forever if you do!

Boobs Redone or Help Fix My Car

Make your donation with the links below and I will reward you depending on how much of a donation you make!  Could be videos, photos, Skype show(s) or a lifetime of Love from yours truly!  Remember the higher the donation the bigger the gift!

Parts Needed for My Car

All Gifts for Parts Donations are subject to negotiation! In other words I NEED MY CAR FIXED ASAP! So you tell me what gifts you want (within reason).

  1. ALL Glass Replaced & Weatherstriping - $1,700 (ASAP)
  2. One Piece Head Liner - $400 (ASAP)
  3. Dash Pad & Trim Molding - $350
  4. Front Bumper & Brackets - $200
  5. Right Front Fender - $400
  6. New Interior Kit - $1,500