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Behind the Scenes

If most of you knew what happens behind the scenes. It would make your head spin and you would never freeload again. Sex Worker Abuse comes not only from outside the Adult Entertainment Business but inside as well!  Weather it be Independent "Skype" Models Abusing Live Webcam Models or Adult Webcam Sites that you work for! This is what happened to me!


May 17, 2017 - The Set Up


May 19, 2017 - JB's Twitter DM


The Email from Streamate

5/19/2017 Email from someone who was in charge of the models while Liz was out of town. Proving that i was not bullying or harassing the other models or naming names. Unlike jb and her friends!

After the Email


May 20, 2017 - JB's Blog


My First Radio Show

On July 6, 2017 was on the SammyBrooks Radio Show and we talked about a very important topic (LIVE Webcam Model vs. Indi Model Cyber Bulling and Performer Harassment). I had this happen to me and every model should listen to the show. Because if it can happen to me it will happen to you!  Here's the full show link

Show Comments and Point of Views

 1.  Cammi - When someone who demands, wishes & loves to be in the limelight. It is hard to be taken down cause they are mentally disturbed and don't know that they are being wrong!  Also, they need to feed on others who comment them & take action on/to them. They want that fierce reaction its like a desire to them!
    1a.  That's right!  But little did she know if you back me in a corner I will come out fighting! Because NO BODY FUCKS with My Money!

2.  WOW! Cammi after listening to the show. I feel that she did this to you just for advertising. But went about it in a very wrong and disgusting way!  Karma will get her 3 fold babes!
    2a.  Yes it will and thanks for your comment!

3. I can't believe that Streamate told you on 5/19/2017 that there was NO Volition on your part, she still made false statements on her blog and is still recording you!
   3a. I can't believe it either! She has stated that she has over 30 videos of me and has been sending them to SM. Trying to get me fired with those recordings and making false accusations in an abusive, threatening, and vulgar emails sent to me and SM.  I have NEVER done ANYTHING to her! Except for posting photos of the 2 recordings of me that she and one of her gang members made on twitter. Proving and exposing them for their lies, harassment and abuse. I have evidence an inch thick of her and her gang's abuse and it must STOP!

After the Radio Show

All hell broke lose! JB sent in one of her friends to abuse and harass me about the radio show. Lets call her RK! RK even went so far as to say. We had a good laugh reading your emails that you sent to LIZ of Streamate and watching JB's videos of you (My Titter Log is Available since RK deleted the abusive tweets). NOTE: That RK works for JB.

RK's Abuse on Twitter

After all of those abusive RK tweets! I really started to think that all of this was an inside job and JB was working for Streamate. But why? I then sent an email to Liz saying if you want me to quit working for Streamate I WILL! Because I can't take this abuse, harassment and stress over something that I did not do! All of this is coming from a person who I barely talked to "JB" and/or have NOT said anything bad about her nor done anything to her. NOTE: Streamate did nothing other than if you don't both quit this I will close both of your accounts.


After JB tweeted about her PRIVATE Contract Negation with a cam site on Twitter. I sent that cam site JB's Tweet and they thanked me for telling them. JB went off and sent Me and Liz of Streamate a very abusive, full of false statements "Slander" and threatening email on Thanksgiving! One of my family members read it and said what is she Drunk, Psycho or both? I said "well JB is seeing a Psychiatrist and is on Psycho Meds. So what do you think?". Again Streamate did NOTHING! JB went as far as to say "Fire Cammi and close both of our accounts. I will be glad to take one for the Team.".  WOW! All of this was an inside job! Don't you think? Take one for the team? What team is JB talking about?!? JB was NOT on Streamate 6 days a week 8 hours a day! Obeying every little rule like I was! I was even obeying rules that the TOP Models did not have to! So what TEAM is she talking about?


As of 2/22/2018 I am not working for Streamate! They do not protect there models from harassment from other models!  They even have went so far as to blame me for owning and operating an abusive Twitter account! In which I had Twitter PROVE that it was not me who owned and/or ran that account!  They did not care!  They CONDONE Independent Cam Models to Abuse, Harass, allow them to record other live webcam models, post these Videos on there websites and they take NO ACTION! Against the abusers ONLY the Victims (ME & other Adult Entertainers)! I have worked for them for 4 years, spent a lot of time and money on advertising for them and SM DOES NOT CARE! So HEADS UP Streamate Models if you fight back YOUR NEXT! (Sept. 2018 Tweet)

August 26, 2018

HERE WE GO AGAIN! Someone on Twitter told the truth about JB, one of my abusers and she automatically thought that it was me!  Just because I liked and re-tweeted the tweet! It wasn't and then other abuser "MGN" tweeted a lying and full of false statements tweet about me. After a day MGN deleted it. BUT little do My Abusers know I SCREEN SHOT EVERYTHING! If that's NOT ABUSE and HARASSMENT I don't know what is!

September 14, 2018

WOW AND NOW THEY DONE IT! They attacked me on Twitter and made a twitter account to ONLY Harass and Abuse Me.

September 15, 2018

I got an abusive Email from JB's Friend JJ. I reported it to Google and saved it.

September 16, 2018

RK tweeted on twitter "I wasn't aware MyFreeCams allowed performers to send customers to their very own personal websites to pay for cam shows on there". NOTE: Yes we can and I was given permission to advertise my website back on 6/1/2009. Also, I always tell My MFC Fans that Skype shows are TOKENS ONLY. I can't help it if they come in my room and say that they paid for a Skype show on my site.

September 17 - 21, 2018

Abusive statements where made about My Looks, My Age and My Dog who died 3 weeks ago. I blocked and reported those members to ImLive for abuse and harassment. NOTE: NO Man with a Cock in his Hands would ever make those Comments.

September 20, 2018

The Cops where called and now there is a report. In which I am adding to it everyday!

September 21, 2018

Called SWOP and Manyvids victims of abuse Hot line and got great advice. Also, I got an abusive and direct threat email from RK. Plus 20 blocked calls when I was trying to work! That's added to the police report and I reported the email to yahoo.

September 22, 2018

I got an email from JB! I did not respond. I reported it to yahoo, blocked it and called the police to add to the police report.

cammicams model #wearemany photo

I support the #WeAreMany Campaign to END Sex Worker abuse of all kinds! Including Model vs. Model abuse since 5/19/2017!