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Hello my name is Cammi_Cams and Welcome to My Site! I have been a Professional Amateur video Porn Star and Webcam Model since June 1, 2009. I started on MyFreeCams and I am still there today. I am not top model because MFC it is my backup site and I will not pay for placement. I am however TOP MODEL on ImLive and I worked very hard to get that position! Like I do with every site that I have ever worked for. Including ones that Condone and Reward their Models for there Abusive Behavior! Also, I have always took pride in letting my fans know that I don't con them out of money, I don't fake an illness, I don't fake a sound sensitive Vibe Shows and I pretty much tell the truth. As a cam model we have to lie about something's like location! After all this is ADULT ENTERTAINMENT and we have to be careful!

I decided to become a Cam Model because the economy went to hell and I did not want to travel 30 miles everyday to the Strip Club. Yes! I used to be a Topless Dancer. I was not looking for fame or fortune. But only to pay off my bills and go to school. Well that never happened and now I am stuck in a business that is Evil in many ways. If most of you knew what happens behind the scenes. It would make your head spin and you would never freeload again. Want to know why it's EVIL contact me and I will tell you what happened on May 19, 2017 or keep reading.


Well, I grew up in a small town in Northern California. I have been a Nude Model for Adult Websites, Adult Magazines, and Motorcycle Magazines. Also, I have been seen in Movies and on Television. I am very genuine and passionate in everything that I do. I love Rock-n-Roll, Motorcycles "There is nothing like the feel of hard Steel vibrating in-between my Thigh's", and entertaining you in a private show. I love Performing LIVE in my FREE Adult Chat Room(s), making Money, Camping, Swimming, Photography, Designing Websites, Advertising, and Living Life "You only have one life! So live everyday as if it is your last!".

My Turn on's and Fetishes are....

Performing LIVE in my FREE Adult Chat Room(s) or doing a Skype Sex Show, watching you cum in a Cam2Cam show, playing with my feet and having FUN! Fulfilling your fantasy in a Private Show is another! I love a good Role Play with Costumes or telling you a HOT and STEAMY Story. Hearing your voice in a Phone Sex Session is fun to. Also, I have a very good imagination and I am very open minded to almost everything. As you will see in my of my HD Videos!

Cammi Cams - XoXc

ImLive Comments

These are UNEDITED and REAL Comments! Coming from REAL People who Enjoy My Shows! Unlike some harassing and abusive comments being made on a curtain fake and phony RO Report!  There are over 71 comments on CLICK HERE and see for yourself!


Q - Why did you start this site?
A - For extra money so I can go to Adult Shows or take you places you have never been. Also, to give my Fans something to watch when I am not in my Adult Chat Room.

Q - Do you have Boy/Girl or Girl/Girl Videos available?
A - Yes, I have several G/G and plenty of Solo Videos available for your viewing pleasure.

Q - How big are those beautiful Tits of yours?
A - 34dd baby and Yes I have a Saline Breast augmentation that needs to be redone ASAP! Go to my Wish list for details on how to HELP!

Q - How old are you Cammi?
A - Old enough to know better and young enough to still Rock your World!

Q - Where do you live Cammi?
A - 69 Private Show Street CammiCumVille, USA


My First Radio Show

On July 6, 2017 was on the SammyBrooks Radio Show and we talked about a very important topic (LIVE Webcam Model vs. Indi Model Cyber Bulling and Performer Harassment). I had this happen to me and every model should listen to the show. Because if it can happen to me it will happen to you!  Here's the full show link

Show Comments and Point of Views

 1.  Cammi - When someone who demands, wishes & loves to be in the limelight. It is hard to be taken down cause they are mentally disturbed and don't know that they are being wrong!  Also, they need to feed on others who comment them & take action on/to them. They want that fierce reaction its like a desire to them!
    1a.  That's right!  But little did she know if you back me in a corner I will come out fighting! Because NO BODY FUCKS with My Money!

2.  WOW! Cammi after listening to the show. I feel that she did this to you just for advertising. But went about it in a very wrong and disgusting way!  Karma will get her 3 fold babes!
    2a.  Yes it will and thanks for your comment!

3. I can't believe that Streamate told you on 5/19/2017 that there was NO Volition on your part, she still made false statements on her blog and is still recording you!
   3a. I can't believe it either! She has stated that she has over 30 videos of me and has been sending them to SM. Trying to get me fired with those recordings and making false accusations in an abusive, threatening, and vulgar emails sent to me and SM.  I have NEVER done ANYTHING to her! Except for posting photos of the 2 recordings of me that she and one of her gang members made on twitter. Proving and exposing them for their lies, harassment and abuse. I have evidence an inch thick of her and her gang's abuse and it must STOP!


As of 2/22/2018 I am not working for Streamate! They do not protect there models from harassment from other models!  Also, they have went so far as to blame me for NOT taking part in another Twitter account actions! They CONDONE cam models to abuse, harass and record other live webcam models and take NO ACTION on the abusers ONLY the Victims! I have worked for them for 4 years, spent A LOT of time and money on advertising for them and they DO NOT CARE! So HEADS UP Streamate Models if you fight back YOUR NEXT!

5/9/18 UPDATE: Did you know that if ANYONE records a LIVE CAM MODEL and post those videos and/or photos on a website and/or shows those videos to others. The LAW will take that has REVENAGE PORN!

6/4/18 UPDATE: I never thought that I would be able to say this but..... Read this tweet on my Twitter (

cammicams model #wearemany photo
I support the #WeAreMany Campaign to END Sex Worker abuse of all kinds! Including Model vs. Model abuse since 5/19/2017! Want to know more Contact me!


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